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A CFO’s Challenge to the Community

I’m flattered that my forecasting post was a big hit – over 1,300 views and 130 likes. What I’m hoping, as I take off my CFO hat, is that this post gets 10 times that number of hits and likes. Four years ago, I survived a hit-and-run incident. The details aren’t relevant beyond the fact that I could’ve lost my life. What is more relevant is that I survived and it made me stronger. Now I’m on a quest to support cystic fibrosis programs.

That’s not much of a transition…so logically, most people ask, “I don’t understand, why CF?”

One of my supporters during rehab was a former teacher of mine at Notre Dame. I discovered that her son was born with cystic fibrosis. He takes 20 pills a day and starts each morning with a vibrating vest that bangs against his chest. This is done with the hope of preventing infection. He’s only 5.

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