Part-time CFOs…for companies seeking to leverage off the experience and talent of proven CFOs on an “as needed” basis. Contract work with outsourced CFOs provides access to top performers without the long-term commitment that could tie up capital and compromise liquidity, perfect for companies that either do not need or cannot afford a full-time CFO.

Interim CFOs…for companies seeking help on a temporary basis to ensure a seamless transition between full-time hires. Access to interim CFOs allows companies to perform a thorough search for their next full-time hire without the fear of an absence of leadership and expertise.

Benefits of our part-time and interim CFO services:

  • Flexibility for short-term or long-term engagements (i.e., as little as 1 hour per month up to a full work week).
  • Implementation of tactics for managing growth or for turnaround ventures.
  • Construction of a business plan to capture expectations, identify potential key milestones, and highlight funding needs.
  • Extrapolation of data into detailed financial forecasts for internal use or for meetings with prospective investors.
  • Implementation of effective cash management policies to determine the viability of future projects, bonus payouts, and partner distributions.
  • Collaboration with the Controller and other members of the back office to implement best practices in accounting and to spearhead the timely completion of audits.
  • Fundraising assistance based on capital needs and company goals (i.e., debt and equity offerings) and negotiation of financing terms.

At Hemera, we call our approach “business as unusual.” Contact Hemera Financial Solutions today to learn more about our interim and part-time CFOs. Discover why businesses that are best in class in New York, Durham, and Raleigh turn to Hemera for their accounting and finance needs!

Ray Petrino, Founder