About Hemera Financial Solutions

Hemera Financial Solutions was founded with one goal in mind: to deliver top notch accounting and finance services with a focus on outsourced CFOs and Controllers serving in part-time, interim and contract roles. In today’s business environment it has become commonplace for service providers to overpromise and underachieve. Vendors routinely miss deadlines and deliverables but then place an added burden on their clients by issuing invoices above initial agreed-upon rates. Once a relationship becomes more about fees than the quality of work, it becomes impossible to develop an effective working relationship. More often than not, the client is left wondering about the “value-added services” once promised.

Hemera was built on the principles of integrity, hard work, and communication. While these principles should be the hallmark of every business, the global economic crisis proved that too many outsourced CFOs and related companies sacrificed quality for taking shortcuts and chasing fees. At Hemera, our experience in the consumer products, financial services, and not-for-profit sectors provides us with the necessary skill set to exceed expectations by helping our clients to find innovative, efficient, and creative solutions to their challenges.

At Hemera, we call our approach “business as unusual.” Contact Hemera Financial Solutions today to learn more about our part-time and interim CFOs and part-time and interim Controllers for your outsourced accounting and finance needs!

The Meaning Behind Hemera

Virtually all clients, business partners, and friends of the firm have the same question when examining my business card for the first time: “How did you choose the name Hemera?”

In creating the business with financial experts, it was important for the founders to choose a name that represented the vision of the company. In Greek mythology, Hemera was the personification of day, the goddess of the daytime. The Hemera name signifies our commitment to clients for the dawning of a brighter and better tomorrow.

If you are serious about building your business by hiring contract CFOs, Finance Directors, or Controllers, committed to your success, please contact Hemera Financial Solutions for “business as unusual”.

Ray Petrino, Founder