Understanding the Business
Since the launch of Hemera in 2008, we’ve discovered that most service providers are typically not diligent enough in understanding client needs and wants. We know this because we’ve asked! Therefore, we take a unique approach in working with our valued clients. We kick off each engagement by listening. We ask questions to understand the business and the environment in which the client operates. We don’t pretend to know more than our business partners. Instead, our goal is to improve operations and results by leveraging off our expertise and partnering together to achieve mutually agreed-upon goals. We learn where the client needs help and then execute tactics that provide optimal results. These proven results are highlighted in the PORTFOLIO section.

We provide services “as needed.” Some clients prefer that we meet with them on a regular basis; others reach out to us periodically. For companies interviewing for permanent placements, we help to fill the gap between full-time hires. For companies concerned that they cannot afford top notch full-time talent, we provide fractional support.

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